“Keepers of the secret histories”





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Along with photography, my other passion is archaeology and I spent a number of years as the dedicated Photographer at Pre-Construct Archaeology. I have an MA in Archaeology from Birkbeck College specialising in Neolithic monuments.

Photography is an essential part of the archaeological recording process and plays a major role in the archaeological record as primary visual evidence. Photographs often show complexities that may get lost in written or drawn methods of recording.

My methodical approach combined with creative flair means that I can capture the essence, as well as the details, of artefacts and features, giving a real sense of their place in the past.


As the MOLAS manual states the value of the information in a photographic image is proportional to the skill and technique of the photographer. Images are not only archival material but will also be needed for reports and publications and it is important that these are of first rate quality. Cheryl has plenty of experience of on-site photography, from working shots to minor changes between contexts. She has a proven record of producing excellent images for a full range of archaeological reports and publications.

Building Recording

Having worked on numerous building recording projects I am conversant with the requirements for all levels of recording and prides myself in getting images that are stunning as well as accurate.

Small Finds

With a magnitude of experience in small finds photography, I take meticulous care to ensure that all details are recorded accurately. I am highly proficient in macro photography, so capturing the tiniest of details is no problem.