"Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand."
Chinese proverb






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I love to share my enthusiasm for photography with others. As well as providing individual tuition, I  have run photography workshops for dyslexic people and for teenagers. At present I am running photography workshops in schools for primary age children, this is an initiative for the promotion of photography as a tool to support the National Curriculum.

Two of the children who take part in these school workshops have recently won the RHS Young Photographer of the Year (under 11s). One child was placed 1st and the other placed 3rd, to view the winning photos click here.


Photography in Primary Schools

Young children love taking photographs; they enjoy using cameras, looking through the viewfinder, using the zoom and the shutter, they engage with enthusiasm in the whole photographic process. They tend to take large quantities of photographs, which means that digital photography is an ideal medium to encourage the children to express themselves visually and creatively.

This is a process that encourages and develops confidence, eloquence and a sense of fulfilment. It is a progressive practice which expands as the children become used to observing and thinking within a visual framework and as they learn to trust their own creative instincts.

Photography can play a key role in supporting a number of areas of the new National Curriculum for key stages 1 and 2, including numeracy, literacy, history, geography, science, art and design, design and technology, IT and PSHE, with subject areas being seemlessly incorporated into the workshops so the children are unaware that they are actually learning.

I am keen to ensure that workshops are run on a flexible basis that fits in with each individual school and its culture. The workshops can be designed to promote photographic expertise and visual thinking or can concentrate on areas of the National Curriculum as required. I am more than happy to design and discuss any projects with you, please do not hesitiate to contact me for further information.

These projects often provide great opputunities to publicise the school and I will write an article for the papers when appropriate.



                                                                                   Recent projects1


                                                                                      The Castle

A collaboration between the South Downs National Park, Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, the Towner Gallery and the Flora Twort Gallery led to the fantastic "Our Place" exhibition. Working with children from Amberley First School to produce an interactive replica of Arundel Castle. With jousting knights, a cheering crowd, a working drawbridge and a lighted tower this project incorporated design and technology, art, history and science.


                                                                 A day of workshops for the entire school

As a part of their arts enrichment week, the entire school took part in a day of workshops at Stedham Primary School, not only learning to take stunning photographs but then turning them into works of art armed only with photo editing software, craft techniques and their imaginations.


                                                                         An exhibition at The Towers

Zoom! Click! Capture! What a Photograph! was an amazing exhibition of work of children ranging from age 6 to age 11. It was the endpiece of a series of workshops that explored image guidelines and reinforced these guidelines with activities that included geometry, colour theory, PSHE, and science as well as art and design.


                                                                               Comic Strip presents...

A return to Amberley First School produced a photostory, whereby the children scripted, storyboarded and directed the whole process. This proved to be a very funny story, thereby establishing for themselves confidence in their own fantastic sense of humour as well as developing skills used in creative industries.



                                                    The Woodland Tree

As a transition project for year 6 children as they moved from primary to secondary school, the basis of this project was PSHE, exploring the children's concerns, hopes and dreams at this juncture in their lives. The children from Easebourne Primary School created this tree with images from their primary school in the roots of the tree and images of their secondary school hanging as its fruit, indicating that whilst their roots are at Easebourne, the fruits of this will be in their secondary education.





"The children are very fortunate to to be involved in such an exciting and creative acitivity. They are learning a whole range of skills and are enjoying being able to display their creative talents." (Jon Gilbert, Head teacher at Amberley First School)


"Mya thoroughly enjoys photography and her enthusiasm for taking pictures is great. She takes her camera out with us and was telling me the other day that she was looking for colours that would show contrast! She must be fully engaged to remember those kind of details." Sharon (Mum to Mya)


"I think I've really improved and now I think I'm a really good photographer." (Amelia aged 11)