“Photography captures a moment in time, expressions, emotions, sensations that would otherwise be lost forever.”



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Expression is the key to good portraiture, and in order to get good expressive photos you need to be relaxed. I like to make sure that your sitting will be a stress-free, enjoyable and memorable encounter.

Photo sessions should be fun and very laid-back, but you do need to allow a couple of hours to get into the right mood and let the images flow.

 It is important that I know exactly what you want out of the photo session so a consultation either over the phone, or preferably over a cuppa is essential to discuss location (your home, the studio or in the heart of the beautiful Sussex countryside), outfits and style. 

 Babies and children will also have a great time, they respond well to a sense of joy and  warm affection. I love creating tender mother and child images and fun family shots, giving you family memories that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Of course you might want a more formal approach, a graduation photo for example or school photos, perhaps a first communion or sports achievement, all of which I have a proven record of producing images you will be proud of.