"It's the little things that make the difference..."






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(As a safeguard on this page, I only include photographs of children if their faces are hidden. Obviously this significantly limits the images I can use. If you would like to see further examples of school prospectus photos, please get in touch using a school based email address.)


Prospectuses and brochures are your chance to show the world what it is you do. This is the first impression that will create a lasting response, and for most people it is the photographs will trigger the most immediate impact. Since photographs are a vital part of any company literature, it is important not to leave it to chance. Professional photographs will give you a professional image helping you to market your eductional or business establishment thereby showing it off at its very best.

It is important that I understand the core values and can really get to grip with the general ethos that you expound so I prefer to have a consultation beforehand, along with a chance to have a look around at the enviroment. This ensures that the photos truly reflect your organisation and boast about it a little so that you don't have to quite so much.